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“The Story of the Thomas and the Hair”

  When Bill Spitale says “Integrated Hair Solutions (IHS™) has been one of Rochester’s best kept secrets for over 30 years” he couldn’t be closer to the truth.  For me and the legions of customers both men and women alike who have struggled to find a solution to thinning or receding hair, it’s a secret for good reason.  Let’s face it, similar to being out-ted by a sudden gust of wind, hair replacement is not something one boasts about to the neighbors.  The fact is that so long as it stays a secret it remains the best possible compliment.  By virtue of the quality of their products alone Bill Spitale and IHS™ is a leader in the hair replacement industry.  But it is the personal knowledge and professionalism from Bill and his entire staff that truly makes this company stand out in its class.   My personal story in seeking hair replacement started nearly 25 years ago while still in my mid twenties.  That story includes everything from surgery to human hair replacement as well as synthetic hair “systems” from “industry experts” located everywhere from Philadelphia to Seattle.   For several years my journey had been challenging, frustrating and almost always disappointing.   That is until I was introduced to Bill Spitale and IHS™.   Even though I had already spent thousands of dollars on proclaimed “state of the art” hair replacement, until then NOTHING had truly produced a satisfying result.  Oh, and did I merely say ‘satisfying’?   Exceeding every possible expectation more accurately describes my experience while working with Bill and his team of professionals.   I was first introduced to Cyberhair™ when Bill suggested I look into it over 15 years ago.  It’s been a love relationship ever since.  Make no mistake; Cyberhair™ is not human hair at all.  Cyberhair™ is BETTER than human hair.  Simply stated, it’s just that good.  Cyberhair™ holds its original color and doesn’t fade or change tint like human hair.   The feel and texture is easily maintained by simple conditioning just like you would your natural or growing hair.  It can be styled in a variety of ways and maintains its versatility even after the initial cut.  But most importantly, it feels literally lighter than air on your head.  Not only will you look like you sport a full head of natural hair, you’ll swear it feels like there’s nothing up there at all!  And that is truly one of the best kept secrets one can hope for in this case.   I can’t recommend Bill and IHS™ enough and I hope my testimony doesn’t sound too much like a pitch.  It’s just that I can remember all too well how troubling and violated I felt after getting ripped off over and over again.  This is the paramount reason for sharing my story.  However, if after all this you’re still considering something else, do yourself a favor and don’t rely on a salesman’s perspective.  Don’t just talk with those who will directly profit from your proverbial ‘loss’ but instead, ask to speak with their customers and judge for yourself when you see their product on someone else’s head.  It’s a huge decision that comes at a price, but if it comes with 100% satisfaction and zero regret, the result might as well be priceless.  Say YES to the BEST!   Call Bill Spitale and IHS™ and say yes to Cyberhair™!   Tom Graham Rochester, New York Customer Since 1988

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